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Cancer is no easy journey.
Our PROphet® report will provide your physician with viable treatment options tailored specifically to you, making your cancer therapy highly personalized.

What to Expect

PROphet® test
requisition form
(TRF) filled out and
sent to OncoHost
OncoHost delivers kit to
patient or clinic and
blood draw is
Phlebotomist performs
blood draw and
overnights it to the
OncoHost lab
Patient’s plasma is
processed and
analyzed at the
OncoHost lab
Physician receives
patient’s PROphet®

Our Test

PROphet® is a first-of-its-kind platform that employs high-throughput proteomic pattern analysis technology to assess patient response to treatment, enabling oncologists to provide truly personalized care.

Analyzing just one pre-treatment blood sample, PROphet® scans proteins in your blood to identify patterns that decode the cancer resistance mechanisms in your body. These patterns are predictive of your likeliness to obtain clinical benefit from anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunotherapy-based treatment.

Utilizing bioinformatics and machine learning technology, PROphet® produces a personalized report answering an important clinical question:
What is the optimal first line of therapy for you?

How it works

Simple pre-treatment
blood test collected
at your own home or
proteomic assay
AI algorithm
The PROphet® Report
with analysis of clinical
benefit and actionable insights
is sent to physician
The blood sample is analyzed and processed
at OncoHost’s CLIA*-registered
and COLA-accredited lab in Cary, North Carolina
*CLIA number: 34D2250951

What is proteomic profiling? Why do we use this type of test?

Proteomics is the large-scale profiling of proteins and their levels, a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Your blood contains thousands of proteins in various levels. These proteins are derived from different cells in the body, including tumor and immune cells, and, as such, can serve as a depiction of your health condition.

PROphet® employs SomaScan® technology that scans approximately 7,000 proteins in your blood plasma, identifying proteomic patterns unique to you that serve as indicators of the cancer resistance mechanisms predictive of your treatment response. The proteins that are scanned include cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and enzymes associated with therapy resistance and tumor spread.

The result of this proteomic analysis provides your physician with precise, personalized clinical insights, allowing them to administer a treatment plan tailored to you.

How does proteomic testing differ from next-generation sequencing (NGS)?

Proteomic profiling focuses on the proteins in your blood, identifying biomarkers that can indicate the occurrence of biological processes taking place in the tumor and within the body that potentially affect the success of treatment.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is performed to obtain important information regarding the genomic and genetic make-up of your tumor. Some genetic alterations are known as “driver mutations” or “biomarkers,” which provide important information that will help guide your overall treatment plan.

Proteomic analysis used alongside NGS testing can provide your doctor with valuable insights into your tumor growth, the characteristics of your tumor, and what may impact your response to therapy.


What do my results mean?

What will my doctor learn from the PROphet® report?

Your personalized PROphet® report will provide a prediction of clinical benefit from anti-PD-1/PD-L1 treatment. The personalized report will show either a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE PROphet® result, providing your physician with additional information to consider in your treatment plan.

What if my report shows that I have a NEGATIVE PROphet® result? Does this mean I won’t respond to any treatment?

This does not mean you will not respond to any treatment plan. Rather, it will provide your doctor with valuable information while planning your treatment. The report provides additional insights to your first-line treatment plan, based on your personalized proteomic analysis.

The alternative treatment options suggested in the report are all either FDA-approved treatments or those currently in late-stage clinical trial development.

What if my report shows that I have a POSITIVE PROphet® result? Does this mean I will respond to treatment?

This means that you have a high likelihood of achieving clinical benefit on an approved anti-PD-1/PD-L1
treatment regimen.

When will my results be ready?

Once your blood is drawn and sent to our lab, we will process your specimen and prepare the report. The total turnaround time is 7-14 business days. Your doctor will receive a copy of the report once complete and be in touch with you to review the results and discuss next steps.

Our science

Biomarkers: Information that reduces the guesswork

The concept of precision oncology – treatment strategies that take individual
variability into account – hinges on developing robust biomarkers that provide
prognostic or predictive information regarding potential response to therapies.

Not all biomarkers are created equal

Most precision oncology tools focus on the contribution of intrinsic
changes that predict drug resistance, such as genetic mutations and
epigenetic alterations within tumor cells.

But a growing body of evidence demonstrates that cancer and its
potential therapy can induce a range of systemic biological processes
and molecular changes that enter an interplay between the tumor, the
patient, and the therapy.

This interaction can promote tumor regrowth and metastasis through
angiogenesis, immune modulation, and other resistance-associated
mechanisms, thereby partially or completely negating the intended
therapeutic activity.

OncoHost is taking a different approach
to precision medicine

Billing Information

Test ordered and
results completed
Insurance claim filled by
OncoHost for patient
Patient may receive
Explanation of Benefits
from insurance company
(this is not a bill)
Claim is adjudicated
OncoHost sends final
invoice to patient with
Patient Assistance
  • Financial assistance is available for qualifying patients who have out-of-pocket costs associated with OncoHost’s PROphet® test.*

  • Financial assistance is based on need and can be applied for at any time before during or after testing. Payment plans may also be available based on your financial situation.

  • For any additional information or questions about our billing process, insurance, or Medicare coverage,
    please reach out to our client services team via email at or by phone at 1-855-950-2112.

  • * OncoHost’s Financial Assistance Program is only available to patients whose tests were ordered within the United States and U.S. territories.

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