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January 2021 smiles upon Israeli startups: 4 new Unicorns and over $1B in funding

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The new year launched with 4 new Unicorns this month – with 3 coming in the last week: Here’s all you need to know about Israel’s startup ecosystem’s M&As and funding success…

Following an impressive end to 2020 with $768 million in funding, Israeli startups kick off 2021 on a fundraising rampage. Over the last month, startups marked 27 rounds, totaling an unbelievable $1.2 billion.

Riding the Unicorns to success
Unlike last month’s phenomenon, when early stage startups took the bulk of the funding, this month everything is back to normal, with growth-stage startups climbing back on top. The month of January introduced us to no less than four new Unicorns – startups with an over $1 billion valuation – including Melio Payments, DriveNets, K-Health, and OwnBackup, while another member of the Unicorn club – Rapyd – doubled its valuation in January. Just these four startups were responsible for $917 million of the total funding.

In terms of rounds, we saw more coming from the early-stage startups (14) in comparison to growth-stage startups (13). This trend continues to encourage, as during COVID, investors floated more support towards mature portfolio startups – including Downrounds (an investment based on lower valuation then the previous round) – rather than focusing capital on new, risky investments. In total, January produced 26 rounds, in comparison to 28 in December, and 35 back in November.

When comparing January 2021 to past years – we notice an unprecedented month for the Israeli startup ecosystem. For example, in January 2020 – prior to Coronavirus mayhem – Israeli startups raised around half a billion dollars – less than half of the total raised this month. To further emphasize this milestone, in 2019, Israeli startups pulled in about $422 million, and 2018 saw just $200 million.

January 2021 VC funding
ChatList raises $1M

Israeli startup ChatList bring house hunting into the 21st century with Tinder-like house swiping. Read more…

Cydome lands $2.2M

Cydome develops cyber-security solutions for the maritime and naval landscape. Read more…

Telicomm scores $1.3M

The Israeli startup’s system can install hundreds of HD cameras on existing solar infrastructure – 10 times the normal amount. Read more…

Gett gets another $15M

With the Israeli mobility Unicorn adding $15M to its company pot, the question still remains – What’s up with the IPO? Read more…

Vdoo extends Series B

The Israeli cyber startup, securing your IoT devices, almost doubles its 2019 round. Read more…

Rapyd secures $300M

Only a year after gaining Unicorn status, Rapyd is back with $300M in funding, and nearly doubling its valuation. Read more…

FeelIT raises $5M

FeelIT’s sensing technology provides real-time updates to the wear and tear of production line components. Read more…

Swimm dives into $5.7M

The Israeli startup’s platform creates smart code documentation for developers – who can also upload their own tutorials. Read more…

Carbyne lands $25M

Passing triple-digit valuation, Israeli startup Carbyne aims to disrupt traditional 911 service with app-free emergency video chat. Read more…

Humanz scores Seed money

With a deep learning skill set and over 50k registered influencers, the Israeli startup looks to feed the needs of marketing teams. Read more…

Quali nets $54M

Israeli startup Quali develops infrastructure automation, providing development teams with easy access to cloud possibilities. Read more…

UVeye secures $4.5M

The Israeli startup automates car inspections with AI, leading 3 automotive leaders -Toyota, Volvo, and Hyundai – to quickly take stake. Read more…

StackPulse emerges from stealth with $28M

Following previous startup success, the serial entrepreneurs behind StackPulse’s cloud-based incident response technology once again are on the right path. Read more…

OncoHost lands $8M

Israeli startup OncoHost leverages AI technologies to better understand oncology patients’ unique response to treatment, in an effort to combat growing cases of resistance to therapy. Read more… completes $3.5M Seed

Israeli Agetech startup Sensi’s platform uses AI-powered audio-analysis to determine distress in patients, and notify caregivers in real-time. Read more…

Swapp swipes $7M

Swapp leverages AI technologies to provide real estate developers and construction companies value in tome and costs. Read more…

Embryonics scores $4M

Israeli startup Embryonics has already recorded 6 successful pregnancies with the help of an AI system that helps improve fertility treatment success rate. Read more…

Melio raises $11oM

Just 18 months since it was founded, Israeli Fintech firm Melio Payments kicks off the new year by joining the Unicorn club. Read more…

Run:AI closes $30M Series B

Israeli startup Run:AI helps virtualize and orchestrate your organization’s AI’s journey to market. Read more…

DriveNets explodes with $208M

Following the sharp rise in connectivity demand over the past year, Israeli startup DriveNets earns massive funding and a ticket to the Unicorn club. Read more…

Ukko lands $40M

This Israeli startup looks to engineer proteins, and make gluten sensitivity and peanut allergies a thing of the past. Read more…

Classiq scores $10.5M

Israeli startup Classiq is looking to revolutionize quantum computing, by translating human thought into quantum circuits. Read more…

ARMO leaves stealth with $4.5M

The Israeli startup develops a cyber solution for cloud-native applications, finally making DevOps happy. Read more…

OwnBackup raises $167.5M

The Israeli startup joins the Unicorn club with a cloud-to-cloud recovery and backup solution. OwnBackup has raised $267.5M to date. Read more…

Avenews GT secures $3M

The Israeli startup wants to digitize the the farming supply chain.

L7 Defense nabs $5M

The Israeli startup’s product covers API security across active organizational networks.

Pinecone secures $10M

The Israeli startup builds infrastructure to enable the next wave of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the cloud.

Cathworks reels in $30M

The company applies its advanced computational science platform to optimize Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) therapy decisions and elevate coronary angiography from visual assessment to an objective FFR-based decision-making tool for physicians.

K-Health raises $132M

Two months after raising $42 million, from Jay-Z among others, K-Health continue marching to the tune of a $1.4 billion valuation and a ticket to the Unicorn club.

January 2021 Mergers & Acquisitions
Spetz acquired by U.S.-based Paradox for $5M

Paradox, a growing American HR platform, acquires an Israeli AI-powered chatbot to optimize recruitment communication. Read more…

Cappitech acquired by financial giant IHS Markit

Cappitech, a RegTech startup that automates compliance, is acquired by one of its customers, which was founded by one of the Israeli startup’s key investors. Read more…

IronSource dips into the Israeli market with SOOMLA acquisition

The Israeli startup was on the verge of failure, but thanks to a clever pivot and life-saving funding, SOOMLA is acquired by Israeli software giant – IronSource. Read more…

BUYME acquires Meetinkz

The Israeli digital gift platform, BUYME, acquires an Israeli startup that has developed a platform for booking out-of-office locations for meetings and events. The full details were not revealed.

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