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OncoHost enters trial partnership to evaluate resistance to immunotherapy

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Data showed that PROphet could forecast response in NSCLC patients with increased precision at three, six months and one year.

OncoHost has entered a clinical trial partnership with Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in the US to evaluate immunotherapy resistance in the PROPHETIC study.

Under the partnership, Roswell Park has opened a clinical site in Buffalo, New York for the study.

The trial site will leverage PROphet, a precision oncology platform of OncoHost, to carry out proteomic assessments on subjects treated with immunotherapy to predict their response to the treatment.

The subjects will comprise patients with malignant melanoma, small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

In the host response assessment of individuals with late-stage lung cancer, the platform had demonstrated robust accuracy. 

PROphet merges proteomic analysis with artificial intelligence (AI) for predicting the response of the patients to immunotherapy and detecting resistance linked with the processes.

According to latest findings from the ongoing PROPHETIC study through assessment of a blood test before treatment, PROphet could forecast response in NSCLC patients with increased precision at three, six months and one year.

Furthermore, it could identify prospective drug targets, which aids in developing new treatment strategies and offer clinicians with possible combinations to overcome resistance to therapies.

So far, OncoHost has launched over 35 trial sites across the globe, extending the reach of the study to new regions and offering a wider body of evidence-based research before the launch of PROphet in the US this year.

OncoHost CEO Dr Ofer Sharon said: “With Roswell Park joining our multicentre trial we can now expand recruitment, further developing our research base and improving on our current technology capabilities.

“We anticipate strong results from this study, which will eventually help us provide a premier tool for oncologists and physicians in the fight against cancer.”

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