Our Science

All cancer treatment modalities such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted drugs, radiation and surgery trigger physiological reactions in the host comprising a range of systemic and local effects. These effects, collectively known as the ‘Host Response’ to cancer therapy, include elevated levels of cytokines, growth factors and enzymes in the blood circulation accompanied by acute mobilization and tumor homing of immune cell types.

Over the last ten years, novel research has revealed that many of these therapy-induced effects promote tumor aggressiveness and resistance to treatment. OncoHost recognizes the untapped potential of identifying, characterizing and analyzing the host response to cancer therapies in a clinical setting.

“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that cancer therapy can induce host-mediated local and systemic responses, many of which shift the delicate balance within the tumor microenvironment, ultimately facilitating or supporting tumor progression”
Y. Shaked, Nature Reviews Cancer, 2019.


Identifying, characterizing and quantifying the host response is used for the early prediction of treatment responsiveness in cancer patients as well as for the discovery of new targets to overcome treatment resistance.

PROphetTM is the first of its kind system that analyzes proteomic changes in blood samples to monitor the dynamics of biological processes induced by the patient (i.e., the host) in response to a given cancer therapy. This proteomic profile is highly predictive of individual patient outcome, thus enabling personalized treatment planning. PROphetTM also identifies potential drug targets, advancing the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

Host Response Profiling process


Proprietary technology for unlocking
host response from plasma

Blood Test Pre Treatment & On Treatment

Antibody array-based proteomics

Bioinformatics Machine Learning Signal processing

Response prediction + Targets for intervention


Our lab uses high-throughput protein analysis technology to quantify the levels of thousands of proteins in a single plasma sample. The proteins include cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and enzymes associated with therapy resistance and tumor spread. We have optimized the system in terms of quality control, technical handling of samples, running multiple assays simultaneously, and selection of factors to be analysed.

PROphetTM Bioinformatics

PROphetTM employs powerful bioinformatic tools and machine-learning algorithms to identify host response proteomic patterns associated with resistance to therapy. By analyzing proteomic changes in patient blood samples, PROphetTM monitors the patient’s response to treatment in real-time, and accurately predicts treatment outcome.

Accordingly, this will aid the oncologist and patient in making informed decisions regarding treatment options, lines of therapy, potential combination treatments, and participation in clinical trials.

Pre-clinical lab

We have established a pre-clinical program to test the efficacy of novel drug combinations in tumor models in mice. Our pipeline includes a range of candidate drugs that target key protein factors discovered by the PROphetTM platform.