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OncoHost Wins Frost & Sullivan 2021 Technology Innovation Leadership Award for Excellence in Best Practices

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Leading Award Recognizes OncoHost’s Commitment to Innovation and Significant Accomplishments in Advancing Predictive Analytics to Improve Cancer Care

BINYAMINA, IsraelAug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OncoHost, a global leader in next-generation precision oncology for improved personalized cancer therapy, today announced it has been awarded this year’s Best Practices Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the AI-based precision oncology industry by global growth strategy consulting and research firm Frost & Sullivan. The award recognizes a company that has introduced the best underlying technology for achieving remarkable product and customer success while driving future business value.

“It is an honor to receive this distinguished award, and I am proud of the entire OncoHost team as we continue making strides in our global efforts to truly personalize every cancer patient’s treatment journey,” said Dr. Ofer Sharon, CEO of OncoHost. “OncoHost was founded to resolve an important unmet need – to provide the ultimate solution for oncologists and physicians to better understand each patient’s individual response to their given cancer treatment. With only two out of ten patients responding to immunotherapy, it’s time we harnessed powerful technology to decipher, and ultimately solve, the patient-tumor-treatment puzzle.”

OncoHost is overcoming the global challenge of resistance to cancer treatment through its development of PROphet®, a first-of-its-kind diagnostic platform that combines proteomic analysis with AI to predict patient response to treatment and identify resistance-associated processes. The platform employs high-throughput protein analysis technology, scanning over 7,000 proteins in a patient’s plasma, combined with proprietary bioinformatic and machine learning-based algorithms, to identify proteomic patterns that are predictive of patient outcome. PROphet® also identifies potential drug targets, advancing the development of novel therapeutic strategies. Clinical studies conducted in the US, the UK and Israel have shown that PROphet® has high accuracy in predicting treatment outcomes in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and melanoma.

“PROphet, the AI-powered technology developed by OncoHost will play an indispensable role in improving the success of cancer treatment,” said Ashish Kaul, Senior Research Analyst at TechVision. “Currently, precision technologies reveal cancer patients’ genetic information but fail to predict their treatment response. OncoHost’s unidirectional approach towards cancer treatment will create a significant impact in densely populated geographies with a high number of cancer cases and fewer therapeutic options.”

“Frost & Sullivan’s global team of growth pipeline experts continually identifies and evaluates growth opportunities across multiple industries, technologies, and regions of the world,” said Darrell Huntsman, CEO of Frost & Sullivan. “As part of this ongoing effort, we identify companies that consistently develop growth strategies based on a visionary understanding of the future and, thus, more effectively address new challenges and opportunities. This approach involves deliberation of best practices, deployment of strategic analytics of best practices, and the development of core analytics across the entire value chain of specific products and services. Against this backdrop, Frost & Sullivan recognizes OncoHost for its valuable achievement.”

This achievement comes ahead of the upcoming launch of PROphet® in 2022. OncoHost continually opens additional clinical trial sites around the world and will be expanding its research to address more cancer indications – including ovarian cancer, head and neck cancers, and urogenital cancers – to facilitate early identification of non-responsiveness to cancer treatment and discovery of new targets to overcome treatment resistance.

About OncoHost 

OncoHost combines life-science research and advanced machine learning technology to develop personalized strategies to maximize the success of cancer therapy. Utilizing proprietary proteomic analysis, the company aims to understand patients’ unique response to therapy and overcome one of the major obstacles in clinical oncology today – resistance to therapy. OncoHost’s host response profiling platform, PROphet®, analyzes proteomic changes in blood samples to monitor the dynamics of biological processes induced by the patient (i.e., the host) in response to a given cancer therapy. This proteomic profile is highly predictive of individual patient outcome, thus enabling personalized treatment planning. PROphet® also identifies potential drug targets, advancing the development of novel therapeutic strategies as well as rationally based combination therapies.

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