Exploring the interplay of
tumor, patient and therapy

Information that
reduces the
guess work

The concept of precision oncology –
treatment strategies that take individual variability into account – hinges on developing robust biomarkers that provide prognostic or predictive information regarding potential response to therapies.

Not all biomarkers
are created equal

While most precision therapies have focused on the contribution of intrinsic changes, such as genetic mutations and epigenetic alterations, within tumor cells, that predict drug resistance, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that cancer and its potential therapy can induce a range of systemic biological processes and molecular changes that enter an interplay between the tumor, the patient, and the therapy.
This interaction can potentially promote tumor regrowth and metastasis through angiogenesis, immune modulation and other resistance associated mechanisms, thereby partially or completely negating the intended therapeutic activity.

While most precision oncology tools have focused on the contribution of intrinsic factors in order to identify potential treatments (i.e. genetic mutations and epigenetic alterations), Oncohost is taking a different approach to precision medicine.
At Oncohost, we analyze the interplay between the tumor, the patient, and the therapy on the proteomic level, which allows for a comprehensive and holistic view.

Plasma proteomics
a new angle on resistance

With one pre-treatment blood test, we can answer 3 important clinical questions:
Will the patient respond to the
planned standard of care treatment?
Why might the patient be resistant
to the recommended treatment
and not respond as desired?
What can the oncologist do to mitigate the patient’s
resistance to treatment, and potentially
improve their outcome?
We are able to answer these three questions using computational models that we have developed.
These models explore the protein levels measured in the patient’s blood, aiming to identify those proteins that are associated with resistance to treatment. Such proteins participate in different biological processes in the body that can be targeted in order to increase the chances for response.

Our Proteomics lab

Our lab uses high-throughput protein analysis technology to quantify the levels of thousands of proteins in a single plasma sample. The proteins include cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and enzymes associated with therapy resistance and tumor spread.

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